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State of Piracy
State of piracy

State of piracy


When it comes to statistical data regarding content piracy, the complexity of the data and its abundance is utterly mind boggling. The data channels are scattered across geographical borders and scientific dimensions. The nature of the matter effects the data gathering process, resulting in datasets with chaotic orders and unclean results sets.

It is of grave importance, regardless of the challenge, to understand the trends and fashions behind content piracy as a thriving organism . Furthermore, appreciation of statical data regarding content piracy can be advantageous from a business intelligence point of view.

At Degban we put great effort into the analysis of statistical data gathered by our servers and delivery of our findings to our clients. Below is a brief overview of some of the statical data gathered each second by our system. The graphs show an idea of when and where piracy is happening on this globe. This section is regularly and automatically kept up to date.


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